Friday, July 9, 2010

The Soul/Aatma Tatva/Elementary Particle 'Satyaghana' is 'Cubical' in structure!

What is the structure of the basic matter from which our soul is made of? In other words, what is the structure of the ultimate finest elementary particle in this universe?

It is well known that the Sunlight in our solar system has electromagnetic properties and consists of packets called photons. The photon is said to be massless having no electric charge and is said to not decay spontaneously in empty space.
One may feel tempted to conclude the soul to be made of the photon, since the Aatma Tatva is massless, possesses no electric charge in its final resting phase and does not decay [a soul is never born and can never be destroyed]. However, it’s not so as we will see in the later part of this brief article.
It is said that the PUURNNA BRHMA is a state which is beyond the VAANNEE and the MANA. In other words, a state from where the VAANNEE and the MANA return without being able to cross it.
Till the AKSSHARA BRHMA stage, one may continue hearing the inaudible ANHATA NAADA [SOUND] or the INAUDIBLE RHYTHM. The rhythm can only be possible when some kind of energy is present. Till this stage, the energy continues to be present. The energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it changes forms only. So, till this stage we witness the soul manifesting itself in different forms like the GODS/GODDESSES, HUMANS, etcetra with the help of this energy [SHAKTE].
After crossing the NEHA-AKSSHARA stage, the soul is said to merge into the PUURNNA AKSSHARA BRHMA and never returns. It goes into a state of motionlessness which is possible only in the absence of the energy of any kind. It becomes a part of the all pervading basic matter from which this universe is made of, i.e, the AATMA TATVA.
The modern BIG BANG theory states that the universe starts with a bang from the basic matter which starts expanding into galaxies and so on. This theory further states that the universe shall one day contract to its original position. THIS IS SIMILAR TO ‘THE YOGEE-MATA’ prevalent in India, that states that the creation starts with a big NAADA and shall one day be destroyed through the PRLAYA and go back to its original position. The other modern theory called the STEADY STATE theory states that the universe continues to be in a state of steadiness with new things like galaxies getting formed and destroyed. It says that the universe has been there in existence as such, continues as such and shall continue to reman as such.This is similar to the ‘VAEESHNNNAVA-MATA’ of India which says that there is nothing such as birth or destruction of the universe. It says that the universe is ANAADE [WITH NO BEGINNING] and ANANTA [WITH NO END]. According to it, the universe is an eternal steady flow.
So, to me, it seems possible that what is stated about the AATMA TATVA through the story of one SATYAKAMA in the CHHANDOGYA UPANESHADA may very well be true, too.
The story in brief goes like this: Satyakama is returning to his guruu’s aashrama after a period of 12 years along with cows. On the way back, Satyakama receives BRHMAGYAANA through an OX, the FIRE, the SWAN and the WATER-COCK who tell him about 4 characteristics of the BRHMA [AATMA] TATVA.
The Ox tells him that the BRHMA is PRKAASHASWARUUPA [LIKE LIGHT], the Fire tells him that the BRHMA is ANANTA [WITH NO END], the Swan says that the BRHMA is JYOTESHHMAANA [LUMINOUS] and the Water-cock tells him that the BRHMA is AAYATANASWARUUPA [CUBICAL in structure].
The word PRKAASHASWARUUPA indicates the stage of the NAADA BRHMA [AKSSHARA BRHMA] in which there is both the sound energy and the light. The light indicated here may be somewhat akin to the photon-properties.
The word ANANTA indicates the stage of the NEHA-AKSSHARA BRHMA.
The word JYOTESHHMAANA [LUMINOUS] indicates the stage of the PUURNNA BRHMA in which the soul becomes one with the luminous.
Well, we may note carefully here that we generally take the light and the luminosity to be almost the same phenomenon. However, as indicated here, these are altogether two different properties of the BRHMA. The word JYOTESHHMAANA [LUMINOUS] does not indicate the presence of any photon-like elementary particle. It indicates the presence of some other kind of finest elementary particle devoid of any kind of energy, motion or action. It is a stage of total rest/motionlessness for the soul.
The word AAYATANASWARUUPA indicates clearly that the finest elementary particle from which soul is made is CUBICAL in structure! It seems to be quite logical because a particle in motion may acquire a round or elliptical shape/structure. But, a particle which is in total state of rest may very well have a CUBE-LIKE structure. That is why the PUURNNA BRHMA is said to be the ‘SACH-CHEDAANANDAGHANA’. The word 'GHANA' means a 'CUBE'.
After Satyakama who has been mentioned in this article, I would like to call this elementary, ultimate and fundamental cubical particle as the ‘Satyaghana’ particle.

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